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The name: maximum performance without compromise3800 watts of top resistance, perfect ergonomics, high-quality components – the new IC8 impresses with its performance features and the extensive equipment. This indoor bike was designed and manufactured according to the highest standards in order to meet the demands of top athletes.On the IC8, you experience a realistic riding experience and can monitor, analyse, and adjust your workout accordingly thanks to precise performance measurement. With the workout computer, all performance parameters can quickly be viewed at a glance without the need for you to change your riding position. With the IC8, you can continuously go to and exceed your limits.Dual drive system for maximum control at maximum powerThe drive system of the name is a combination of chain and belt drive. The riding experience and pedal behaviour are like on a street racing bike. Thanks to an idle function, there is the possibility of recovery phases in order to forcefully step into the pedals again on the next turn. The resistance of up to 3800 watts is continuously regulated through a 300 degree rotary knob. The powerful and highly modern magnetic brake reacts directly to changes and ensures a very authentic riding experience.Optimal workout position and ergonomics – no problem with the IC8The perfect workout position is indispensable in order to work out optimally, efficiently, and without any improper strain. With the name, you can make all adjustments to the saddle and handlebar continuously and both vertically and horizontally.The handlebar is a combination of racing bike and triathlon handlebar. It provides various grip possibilities on the lower link, upper link, and, thanks to supports for elbows or forearms, the typical racing bike position.The saddle support can easily and very precisely be adjusted in height thanks to a gas-pressure spring. The unisex racing bike saddle provides good support and is mounted on an adjustable slide. Thanks to that slide, you can freely set the distance to the handlebar and find your ideal workout position.WattRate TFT 2.0 workout computerThe precise measurements of the WattRate Direct Power Meter are clearly shown on the TFT 2.0 display. The power meter measures the data directly via photo cells on the spindle for every leg individually, which makes for a measurement error tolerance of just +/-1%. With the independent measurement of the legs, you can see the impact of force on the pedals in real time. That way, imbalances are directly displayed and help with orientation and adjustment to strain both legs evenly. If you are looking for a high-quality indoor bike for your endurance training, you have found it with the IC8. ICG® app by Life FitnessThe ICG app by Life Fitness helps you reach your workout goals and brings variety to your workout units. Whether at home, on the workout surface at the studio, or in the cycling course, the ICG® app is the perfect companion for hobby or professional athletes!You can already try out over 50 different workouts in the app free of charge. With the chargeable premium content, you can choose from many other workout and analysis functions.You can, for example, explore and virtually travel new landscapes during your workout, or let yourself be accompanied and supported by a professional trainer through the studio coach function.With the music and Coach by Colour function, you can really heat up your workout with over 150 different music-controlled workout units.You also have a lot of evaluation options available. Create heart rate diagrams, export your workout data to other apps such as Apple Health, or compare your last workout units. With the ICG® app, your workout gets to be more effective and entertaining. High-end workout equipment, designed for performance and maximum power Use the Peleton or ZWIFT app for even more workout experiences TFT 2.0 computer with front LED display Professional workout equipment, also suitable for commercial use Connectivity through Bluetooth and ANT+ to the ICG® workout app, Strava, Training Peaks, Zwift, and many others Drive type: dual, chain & poly-V-belt with free run Pro Performance handles Handlebar and saddle setting: 4-way continuous in vertical and horizontal direction Pedals: combo pedal system (SPD and regular) Q factor: 155 mm

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